Install Diode Drive on MacOS

Follow the three steps below to get up and running on MacOS.

  1. Download

Download Diode Drive for MacOS

  1. Install and run Diode Drive

Double click the .dmg file and drag the Diode Drive icon into the Applications folder. Once installed, click "Diode Drive" in the Launcher to run it. Watch this walk through video for more details:

There have been some reports of MacOS Big Sur showing the error "You do not have permissions to open the application dDrive". If you get this error, try opening a terminal window and enter sudo xattr -d /applications/ (as of June 2021)

  1. Verify Diode Drive is running

When Diode Drive starts up, it will load as a small orange icon in the task bar:

Clicking the orange Diode Drive icon will drop-down / pop-up menu options. Click "Open" to open the app.

That's it! Diode Drive is installed and active on your system.

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