Linked Devices

When you sign up for Diode Drive, you create an Account Name. The Account Name is globally unique and can be used by others to invite you to collaborate in a Zone or to start a chat with you (if you have a shared Zone).

As of Diode Drive 1.4.0 (January 2022), your Account can be used on multiple devices (e.g. phone and computer). Devices that you use for your Account are called "Linked Devices."

To add and manage Linked Devices for your Account, go to the Linked Devices settings area under the Global menu (click the Diode Drive icon in the upper left).

Backup Codes

The very first device you sign up with is your master device - the backup code from that device can be used to restore full access to your account should you lose access. Other Linked Devices will show "Please create a backup from your master device".


All Linked Devices have full permissions for your Account.

Device-Specific Settings

Each Linked Device has some device-specific settings:

  • Local Settings for the App (Global menu -> Local Settings)
    • Default storage path for new Zones
  • Local Settings for a Zone (Zone -> Settings -> Local Settings)
    • Storage path currently in use for the Zone

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