Install Diode Drive on Windows

Follow the three steps below to get up and running on Windows.

  1. Download

Download Diode Drive for Windows

  1. Install and run Diode Drive

Double click the .exe file and the installer will lead you through the installation steps. Once installed, double click "Diode Drive" in the start menu to run it.

NOTE: You must have Microsoft Edge installed because the Diode Drive application UI requires "Webview"

  1. Verify Diode Drive is running

When Diode Drive starts up, it will load as a small orange icon in the task bar:

When Diode Drive starts on Windows, the little orange Diode Drive icon will sometimes load in a group in the task bar. To see the icon, you have to click on the up arrow ( ^ ) in the task bar to see the hidden icon group. You can drag the Diode Drive icon out of the group into the base task bar to keep it from loading there in the future.

Clicking the orange Diode Drive icon will drop-down / pop-up menu options. Click "Open" to open the app.

That's it! Diode Drive is installed and active on your system.

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