Diode Drive (dDrive) Introduction

dDrive is a new take on file sharing, collaboration, and backup. It combines all of the security and privacy of local files, with the convenience of cloud-based storage. Unlike other solutions on the market, there are zero centralized technology pieces and zero managed servers in the middle. This ensures total privacy (even from IT admins!), enables compliance with regional/regulated requirements, and reduces the attack vectors on your information.

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dDrive is currently in a Limited Release Alpha stage - see the dDrive Alpha Program for more information.

Nuts and Bolts:

The main dDrive application runs as a tray icon in MacOS, Windows, and Linux (x86 and ARM) and keeps selected "drives" (folders) synchronized with other peers who have been invited to collaborate. Anyone running dDrive can also quickly share a link to a file with anyone without having to upload the file or email the file. One or more of the peers can run as a backup or as a high-performance/high-availability peer to ensure all invited peers or file subscribers have continuity of access.

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