Manually update Diode App on Linux

Follow the three steps below to manually update the Diode App on Linux (Raspberry Pi/ARM shown below).

  1. Download

Download Diode Drive for Linux - pay attention to the Linux variant (x86, ARM, 32/64 bit) to ensure you download the right one for your system.

  1. Install and run Diode Drive

Set the File Permissions for the downloaded .run file to include "Execute".

You can then either run the installer from a terminal window (enter the name of the downloaded installer prececed by ./ - e.g. ./ or double click the file from the UI and select "Execute".

The script will execute and will install and auto-launch the app:

  1. Verify Diode Drive is running

The app should have re-launched, showing the icon in the task bar like usual!

That's it! Diode Drive is updated and active on your system.

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