Add a Team Member or Additional Device

Diode Drive can be used to collaborate on files with one or more people. Any file updates are automatically synchronized to all the Team Members, creating the same capability as a File Server, but with no IT configuration or cloud storage required.

Additionally, Diode Drive can be used with multiple Zones - each Zone has its own files and its own list of Team Members.

  1. Setup Diode Drive

If you have not already setup Diode Drive, follow the instructions in this article.

After you've completed those steps, you will have Diode Drive installed on your computer with your first Zone.

  1. Ask a Team Member to also setup Diode Drive

They should follow the same steps in Setup Diode Drive, but for their own computer.

Once they have setup their account, have them send you their Account Name.

  1. Invite the Team Member

Use the Invite mechanism to invite the other Team Member by their Account Name.

Once you have invited them, they will need to Accept the Invite. If they don't see the Invite notification, they can go the Invites area in Diode Drive and accept the Invite from there.

  1. Start collaborating!

Now, any additions, deletions, or modifications to files in your Zone folder will be synchronized to your other Team Member.

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