What is a Diode Drive Light Zone?

A Diode Drive "Light Zone" is a term used when you set the Zone's "File Syncing" option to "Disabled" in Diode Drive.

In this sync mode, the device will not automatically download files, or file changes, from other Team Members. However, any files that are added by the Light Zone device will be automatically uploaded to the other Team Members.

In Light Zone mode, the Zone will still show all of the files that are available, but you have to open the file in order to fetch it to your device.

In the header bar, Light Zones are depicted with a non-sync icon (where usually a check mark or a sync icon exists):

By default, when a new Zone is accepted by an Account, it will be accepted with File Syncing Enabled on your current device, but will be automatically added to any of the Account's other Linked Devices in Light Zone mode.

Other functions in the Zone (e.g. chat, settings, file view) are the same regardless of the Zone sync mode.

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