Is Diode Drive really "unlimited storage" ?

Diode Drive is a peer to peer collaboration, file sharing, and backup system that relies on the computers, servers, and other storage devices that you, or a trusted collaborator, control (an information "self custody" solution).

Since it's a peer to peer system, there are no 3rd party servers storing any of your data. So, storage is unlimited from the perspective of Diode Drive - it doesn't meter storage - it is limited only by the capacity of whatever systems you include in your Zone.

One approach is to include a device with large storage capacity in the Zone that acts as the central file repository. Other Team Members and devices can then turn off automatic file download so that they only have the files they want on their device. In this mode, each file is downloaded to the given device on-demand, while any modifications that are made are automatically sync'd to the Team Members who have that setting turned on.

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