Vault Advanced Capabilities

Your Diode Vault can be used for more than just storage and chat relaying. Here are some of the advanced capabilities the Vault is sometimes used for:

  • Residential Exit Node - you can configure your Vault to be a special type of Diode Network Endpoint called an "Exit Node". This allows you to connect to it and surf the Internet from your house (or wherever your Vault is located) no matter where you are at in the world.
  • Website Host - your Vault can be configured to run a website that is accessible privately or publicly to others using Diode (or even via a common Web Browser if properly configured).
  • Team Tools - you can run other tools (e.g. Kanban board, CRM system, etc...) on your Vault and publish them privately so just your Team can access them.
  • Workloads - your Vault can run workloads for you remotely - like self-custody AI models.

If you are interested in these advanced capabilities, please contact Diode support (

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