Share a File or Folder

One of the key use-cases for Diode Drive is to share a file or folder without uploading the information to the cloud.

This is simple to do, and does not require others to install Diode Drive - they download the information via a web browser directly from your computer or one of the other Team Members in your Zone.

  1. Setup Diode Drive

If you have not already setup Diode Drive, follow the instructions in this article.

After you've completed those steps, you will have Diode Drive installed on your computer with your first Zone.

  1. Add files to your Zone

In order to share files or folders from a Zone, you have to have them inside the Zone's folder.

By default, the Zone folder uses the same name as the Zone ("mynewzonename") and is located under "DistributedDrives" in the user's home directory:

You can open the folder by clicking the Zone name in the Diode Drive menu drop-down

Or, instead, you can first click "Manage" to open the Diode Drive application, and then click the "Open" icon:

Once the folder is open, it will be empty:

In this example, we will copy an image into the folder that we will share - you can put anything into the folder you like, including additional sub-folders and files:

For steps 3-5, you can either watch this video, or follow the steps below:

Here are the final three steps you need to take (as shown in the video):

  1. Setup the Share

Back in the Diode Drive application, you'll now see that the "good-dog.jpg" file is listed on the Files page. Click the "Share" link to the right of the filename to create a Share. Note that you can create a Share at a file or folder level - if you share a folder, all files and sub-folders will be accessible via the Share:

Update the label and other options as desired.

  1. Don't forget to "Enable" the share

Before the Share can be used, you must click the box beside "Enabled" to make it live. As soon as the Share is enabled and saved, it will be accessible to anyone with the Share link.

  1. Share the file with others!

You can click on the URL to verify the Share is working - it will open a browser tab and show you the same view that others with access to the URL will see:

Copy the Share URL or scan the QR code and send it to whoever you'd like to access the information!


  • "Unauthorized" is showing when I go to the share link

If you are getting an "Unauthorized" response when going to the share link, it typically means that it was not enabled. Make sure to click the check box next to "Enabled" and click "SAVE" and try again.

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