What is BlockQuick(TM)?

Developed by the Diode team, BlockQuick is the first super light client protocol for Ethereum that addresses the issue of man-in-the-middle attacks and eclipse attacks. It is capable of preventing attacks because it doesn’t depend solely on choosing the longest chain with the highest difficulty on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) network when validating a block. Instead, it validates a block based on the "Consensus Reputation Table."

BlockQuick allows devices and application to directly interact with public blockchain networks. Unlike the current full sync, fast sync, or light sync requirements (i.e. a full sync typically requires more than 200GB of disk storage), through BlockQuick the device only needs a handshake size of 20KB to establish the most recent block hash. The design enables a client to sync up to a recent block with a consensus reputation table.

The implications of this technology are vast, ranging from the ability to securely bootstrap time to the full decentralization of Internet infrastructure.

Blockquick is implemented in the Diode CLI and other applications, like Diode Drive, from Diode and our partners. Visit those pages to download the applications and start interecting directly - and trustlessly - with decentralized network technology!

To learn more, check out our original blog post and/or the BlockQuick Paper!

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