What is BNS?

BNS stands for Blockchain Name System - the Diode Network implements a fully decentralized BNS using smart contracts to bind "friendly names" (BNS names) to network addresses (like Ethereum addresses). You can think of a BNS name the same way you think of a root Domain Name for web2.0.

Addresses on the Diode Network use the same format as Ethereum public addresses - while excellent for unique identification, they are not particularly memorable to humans. The Diode Network has a Blockchain Name System (BNS) - a decentralized smart-contract based Domain Name System - that allows the association of a human recognizable name with a Diode Network address. If a BNS name is configured for an address, it can be used in place of the address.

For example, this can be used to shorten the address used to view the public video feed of Diode's Berlin office from: https://0xc206E1255Cbace8ba904DaA259D7a5b7F90E2D50.diode.link to https://betahaus-berlin.diode.link.

To create, search, and browse BNS names, check out the article or go straight to the Explorer BNS page.

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