Language on The Diode App

If you're wondering how to get different languages on your Diode app, you're in the right place.

The Initial Download

When first downloaded, Diode will load in whatever language is the system language of your device. For example, if your laptop has the system language set to Spanish, it will load in Spanish. If there is no specified system language, it will default to English.  

Missing a Language?

If you notice a language missing in our translation, we would love for you, or someone you know, to contribute!

  1. To contribute a current language, click our Crowd-in link:
    1. As of this time we have Chinese (simplified and traditional), German, and Turkish in the works
  2. To add a new language that isn't already listed in Crowd-in, you will have to send a support message so we can get it started. Then, anyone can contribute to the newly added language.
    1. You can contribute to a language that’s in process at any time

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