What are some applications that can be created with the Diode Network?

You can build all kinds of Web3 applications on Diode. Take agriculture projects for example. There are lots of things you can do with agriculture. The most straightforward application would be monitoring connected devices over the Diode network. So, if you setup greenhouse monitoring on your Pi, then you can use the Diode network to monitor and control your device securely anywhere in the world. You can even use the Diode gateway at “yourname” .diode.link to showcase your solution to everybody, without needing a server.

Here are more examples for inspiration:

  • Decentralized IoT services such as video cameras that can stream or broadcast video data without the need for centralized servers.
  • Server-less IoT fleets that would not have any administrators that can spy on the IoT devices, but they would only be managed by transparent and auditable smart contracts.
  • Decentralized messaging apps that can send messages, data and tokens, and can’t be stopped.
  • Uncensorable websites that live in the Diode network and are always reachable anywhere.
  • Decentralized friend to friend file sharing services
  • Secure Network bridges and Blockchain controlled VPN, (Blockchain Defined Networks BDN)

Diode is a new decentralized Internet for connected devices, also known as the Web 3. We are building upon the Web3 movement. Currently we are looking at serving a number of groups of users: makers, corporates, consumers, independent journalists/free speech activists.

  • As a maker, you will be able to create server-less IoT devices. Your devices are securely reachable to you and your friends from anywhere in the world even if they are behind NATs or firewalls.
  • As a corporate, you can create e2e secure device connections which are resistant to attacks to the three pillars of the Web1/2: DNS, PKI, BGP. Attackers, including government actors, will have no chance to launch man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks on your IoT rollout.
  • As a consumer, you can get full transparency on how your IoT devices are controlled and protect your privacy. There are no hidden server administrators anymore who have access to all your data.
  • As an independent journalist or a free speech activist, you can broadcast your video streams through the Web3 uninterruptible to your audience no matter what country on the planet.

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