Where did the name “Diode” come from?

Diode is an amalgamation of the terms “Distributed Internet Of DEvices”

The Diode Network allows all sorts of apps/devices/systems - servers, routers, cell phones, laptops, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, etc… - to communicate and interact in a fully decentralized manner. This is demonstrated by applications like Diode Drive and the Diode CLI, which incorporate the BlockQuick algorithm.

Of course, a "diode" is also a small electrical component that is fundamental to almost every electrical system. Activity on one side of a diode can pass to the other side (electrical current can go in that direction), but typically not vice versa. It is like a one way street for electrical systems, and is often used to safely partition one sub-circuit from another. Although it is reaching a bit, here are some fun parallels between a diode and Diode:

A diode in electrical systems

Secure communications via Diode

Electrical current goes only one way

Communications secured via "one-way" public/private key encryption

Safely partitions one sub-circuit from another

Ring fences communications for peers operating as part of a fleet contract

Connects one bus/circuit to another

Bridges Web2 to Web3 and Web3 to Web3 communications

Protects an electrical system from backwards connections

Protects communications from PKI and other centralized-tech exploits

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