Diode App version 1.9.3 was released on January 24, 2024.



  • Search filenames and folders
  • Chat integrations via remote RPC

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Web3 bookmark plan requirement


Search filenames and folders

We added support for search to provide filename / folder name results in addition to message results. This does not yet include file content, but that will also fast-follow!

Chat integrations via remote RPC

Chat integrations are now supported! This allows anyone to integrate external services with their Diode chats. One example that Devops teams often use is a outage alert sent to a #incidents channel. The current integration is a one-way integration only (messages sent from the outside), but we will be continually expanding this capability to support additional capabilities - including certain types of Zone and Device management.

A unique thing about Diode's integration vs. other chat integrations is this integration can be fully self-custody end-to-end encrypted. All other SaaS messaging systems terminate their integrations at the provider's server.

See this article for more information!

Fix Web3 bookmark plan requirement

We had a bug in the new bookmark UI that always required the user to "Upgrade" if the Brave Browser was selected as the target dashboard browser when the bookmark type was Web3. This is now fixed.

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