Use your Raspberry Pi as a private chat server

Although the Diode App is a decentralized messaging / chat app that doesn't need a chat server, a Zone with just a few team members will often benefit from having a "Bot" as part of the Zone in order to relay encrypted messages to a team member who may have been offline when the message was originally sent.

You can make your Raspberry Pi into a Bot to ensure your chat messages are always delivered and your files are always available, no matter the online/offline state of one or all of the other team members. This creates a highly available collaboration tool that is fully "self custody."

Of course, any device (e.g. old phone, old computer, private cloud VM, etc...) can be used as a Bot, not just a Raspberry Pi!

To setup your Raspberry Pi as a Bot, follow these simple instructions:

1) Install the Diode App on the Raspberry Pi

2) Invite your Raspberry Pi to your Zone

3) Change the role of your Raspberry Pi to a Bot

If you use external storage for your Pi, just be sure you buy a fast external drive! The lowest cost ones are sometimes too slow to keep up with a Zone's activities!

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