Group Chat

Diode Drive supports fully decentralized, end to end encrypted direct messaging and group chat channels.

Group Chat Overview

Each Zone that is created has an initial "#general" channel created by default:

If you are the Zone's owner or administrator, you will also see a "+" button to the right of "Channels" - clicking that will allow you to add additional channel topics if your Zone's plan supports.

Team members discussions in group chat channels are visible to all members of the channel. Any files or images that are added into to the channel are stored in a folder called "Diode Chat Uploads" located at the Zone's folder root.

Files or images can be chatted in a channel by dragging/dropping them, or by first selecting the file from the Files view and clicking the chat icon:

That icon will open up a DM and channel selector so you can choose what chat to add it to.

Once you've selected the DM or channel, the chat will update.

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