Diode 1.11.3 was released on April 19, 2024.



  • New Zone progress indicator


New Zone progress indicator

A progress indicator is now displayed at the bottom of a new Zone's page until it is fully configured. Because new Zones require synchronization of settings and state with other Team Members, if Team Members are offline, or if there are pieces of information missing that the new Zone requires for full functionality, it is helpful to see the Zone's setup state in the new progress bar.

Also, when a Zone is joined via "Invite Code", an indicator is shown on every page of the app so that the user knows the join zone process is active. This will clear as soon as the new Zone appears in the Zone Selector bar.

Additionally, blockchain operations are more consistently depicted in the app's header with an "operations pending" icon so that if the user is waiting on an action to complete, they can check the status easily by clicking on the "operations pending" icon.

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