Diode App version 1.10.3 was released on February 22, 2024. Please note that due to some internal QA, we had to skip version 1.10.2 and have put all intended 1.10.2 changes actually here in 1.10.3.



  • Read-only team members
  • Broadcast channels
  • Language Updates: Added Italian, French, and updates to German
  • Added Ctrl+F for search

Bug Fixes:

  • Internal browser javascript handling


Read only Team Members

We added a new "Read Only" role to the system. By default, new Team Members are now always added as Read Only - the Zone Admin or Owner needs to update their Role after the person has joined. Read Only Team Members cannot modify files and cannot see other Team Members or channels. They can only see Broadcast Channels and DM with the Zone Owner or Admins. This makes it easy to support a lot of members in a Zone who can receive announcements and access files, but cannot otherwise interact with the Zone.

Broadcast Channels

Broadcast Channels are special public channels that everyone in the Zone can see, but only Admins and Owners can post to.

We are considering following up to this feature with a public "Feed" capability where you can publish a Broadcast channel to the Zone's public Web2 profile (like a social channel / web page). Let us know what you think of that idea!

Language Updates

We added French and Italian now to the app and also made updates to the German translation. The language is automatically selected by your operating system's settings.

If you'd like to see your own language added, or have suggested improvements, please see this article!

You can now use the keyboard short cut "Ctrl+F" (or, on Mac, "Cmd+F") to open the search box.

Internal browser javascript handling bug fix

There was a bug with the way the internal browser handled javascript AJAX POST methods that impacted some recent Wordpress theme updates, resulting in users being unable to change information on the impacted websites. This has now been fixed.

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