Is Diode similar to IOTA?

IOTA is non-functional for IoT use cases apart from Demos and prototypes. It has at least two big problems:

  1. IOTA doesn’t have smart contracts. This limits use cases to 0.1% of what is possible.
  2. IOTA doesn’t run on 99% of IoT devices (runs only on luxury Cars with “real computers inside”) Minimal client hardware requirements for an IOTA node:
  • 4+ GB of RAM
  • 8+ GB of Storage
  • Java 1.8.0_151 or higher.
  • Light nodes do not exist – They market a centralized RPC client as light node.

And there is another recent problem: The old IOTA algorithm didn’t scale decentralized; it was centralized. IOTA is now in the middle of changing the core Consensus to “Coordicide”. This will mean any production deployments will have to wait until at least 2022.

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