Diode 1.11.8 was released on May 21, 2024.



  • Private channel UI updates
  • Configuration for Bookmark tunnels

Bug Fixes:

  • Always sync About page


Private channel UI updates

We updated certain UI features for administrators of private chat channels so it is more intuitive when adding/removing members or making other configuration changes.

Configuration for Bookmark tunnels

Sometimes the Zone Admin would like to create and configure a Bookmark tunnel for a website they want to access via a Diode tunnel (vs. over the open Internet). There is now a small gear icon in the Bookmark Listing page that allows tunnels to be created and configured for supported plans.

Always sync About page

Some Zones would not sync a configured About page to new members, depending on when the About page was last modified and by who. This has been fixed and the About page is always propagated.

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