What is the Diode CLI?

The Diode Command Line Interface (CLI) is the easiest way to get up and running with the full power of the Diode Network. It is a small program that can be installed on Linux, MacOS, or Windows and runs from a terminal window / command line prompt.

The Start Here article has a section on how to get going using the CLI, and the CLI Commands article has information about the specific capabilities of the Diode CLI application.

Many of the Use Cases of the Diode Network can be implemented via the Diode CLI - including publishing your own Web3 content. The Diode CLI implements the Blockquick(TM) algorithm, which enables anything running it to interact directly with compatible decentralized networks, like the Diode Network.

The github repositority for the CLI is at https://github.com/diodechain/diode_go_client.

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