How is publishing a website with Diode better than other solutions?

Three of the immediate feature adds vs. other solutions are:

  1. You can publish content to a globally unique “domain” name of your choice
  2. It’s free
  3. If you want to limit access to just a few viewers, you can do that regardless of the IP they are on

Because the Diode Network is fully decentralized and trustless, it also has benefits for privacy. If a person wanted to publish a website - as a dev tool for localhost development, or as a long term site - they can do so with the only information about the website (other than its content) being the Diode address (just like an ETH public address). No ICANN registration, personal details, etc…. The fact that Web3/decentralized tech can stand toe-to-toe now with centralized tech in this, and other use cases, is a first.

The barrier to creating decentralized apps of this type is lower (in many ways) than centralized methods, and we believe will be much cheaper over time.

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