How do I use DIODE tokens?

You can use the DIODE token to Stake Fleet Contracts or Miners on the Diode Network.

Fleet Contracts

All communication on the Diode Network must be sponsored by a Fleet Contract (entities communicating must be listed in a Fleet Contract). The Fleet Contract has a Stake associated with it - this Stake is an amount of DIODE that is locked for one epoch (approx. one month), and provides a pool of value that determines how much Relays, that have transacted traffic on behalf of the Fleet Contract, are paid at the end of the epoch. Without Stake in the Fleet Contract, it is unlikely the Relays will accept the traffic - or, if they do, that the QoS of the traffic will be very high.


To mine blocks on the Diode Network, Miners use Proof of StakeWork . Therefore, DIODE must be staked by the Miner to have a reasonable chance of mining a block. The more DIODE staked, the stronger the Miner's proof power.

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