What is Diode Drive's Deleted Files Backup?

A popular use case for Diode Drive is to use it as an always-on remote backup system. An important part of this capability is protecting the Zone from accidental file deletions by Team Members - this can be done via the "Deleted Files Backup" option in a Zone's Options:

Once Deleted Files Backup is enabled, you can configure the option to set a maximum file size limit, and can also open the system folder where the backup files are stored so-as to maintain/prune the backed up files:

Devices with the Deleted Files Backup option turned on will show a small backup icon in their Zone. Clicking the icon will open the Deleted Files Backup option:

If the backup file size grows beyond the "Backup Size Limit", the backup function will be disabled and an alert will be shown on the icon until the backup size is pruned.

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