Use a Mobile Device with Diode Drive

This content is deprecated. As of March of 2022 Android and iOS native applications are available on their respective app stores - links at

Diode Drive is in Public Beta and doesn't yet have native mobile support (coming soon!). However, it is simple to use your phone or mobile device to upload/download files using Diode Drive's web interface.

In order to use your mobile device to send files to your Diode Drive Zone, make sure you've Setup Diode Drive, and then follow the steps below to share it with your mobile device:

  1. Choose what folder in your Zone you want to share

You can use the root folder, or you can first create a subfolder and then share that one.

Open the Diode Drive app by using the task bar icon and clicking the Manage menu item under your Zone

This will open the app where you can see the files in your Zone

Click "Open in File Manager", and it will open your Zone's folder in your OS file explorer.

Create a folder (in this example, we will create "MobileShare")

  1. Share the folder and configure permissions

Your app will show the folder called "MobileShare" - note the "Share" button on the same line

Click the Share button and a new Share is immediately created - by default, the Share is public, but is download-only.

Update the label (in our example we'll use "HRs Mobile Share"), unclick the "can browse" button (disable listing or downloading content), click the "can upload" button (enable uploading content), and click "Save". You can also choose whether or not to allow an upload to force-replace an existing file, or whether to enable password protection.

  1. Open the folder on your mobile device and share pictures and other files!

Use your phone / tablet's QR code scanner to scan the QR code on the page and it will open a browser tab that shows an Upload button. Note that no content is listed in the folder because you have the "Can browse" option disabled.

You can now use the Upload button to upload pictures and other files to your Zone from your mobile.

If you bookmark the page, you'll be able to easily get back to the share page.

NOTE: Since we did not enter a password in this example, anyone with the link can upload to the Share. Although the Share URL is not publicly listed anywhere, it is advisable to set a password if you will be using this method long term.

NOTE: If you want to enable upload and download, click the "Can browse" setting and Save

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