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December 3, 2020 (Updated December 9, 2020)


The intent of this program is to deploy the dDrive application to a limited number of active early test users ("Participants") in order to solicit feedback and to harden the dDrive application via real-world use-case testing.

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See the Diode Token Bounty Program Terms & Conditions for general terms.

Participants: In order to become a Participant in the dDrive Alpha Program ("Program"), you must first fill out the dDrive Alpha Program Application form. The Program will be open for the first twenty applicants who fill in the form and who are able to assure Diode that they will be able to fully participate.

Term: The Program will run from 3 December, 2020 through 31 January, 2021 and may be extended as required.

Peers: Each Participant may provide a copy of the dDrive alpha application to a limited number of friends or family for the purposes of sharing drives / files with them. The Participant is responsible for providing support to any Peer they distribute the alpha application to.

Telegram: Each Participant must join the "Diode dDrive Alpha Program" Telegram channel where updates and discussion about dDrive takes place. Participants should feel free to use Telegram to ask questions, get support, report bugs, and suggest features for dDrive. Participants are encouraged to interact with other Participants who ask questions or have ideas.

Confidentiality: The dDrive application is not generally available to the public - Participants agree not to share screen shots, screen captures, or information about dDrive except for information required to enable a Peer to run dDrive, to interact with a shared drive, or to log issues at https://github.com/diodechain/dDrive_Alpha_Program/issues

Bug Reports / Feature Requests: Participants should attempt to capture issues / bugs / feature requests at https://github.com/diodechain/dDrive_Alpha_Program/issues so that the system can be improved based on Participant experiences. Participant agrees that information submitted as part of an issue / feature request may be used by Diode to improve the product, or related capabilities, without restriction.

Keep Up To Date: Diode will be releasing versions of dDrive from time to time that incorporate new features and bug fixes. Most updates are auto-installed. However, from time to time, there may be an update that requires the Participant to manually install the update - this will be announced on Telegram, and the new version will be made available in the "ddrivealphaprogram" shared drive.

Surveys: Periodic brief surveys will be sent out to Participants via the Telegram channel. These surveys are typically oriented around garnering feedback on features, bugs, usability, and the overall experience using dDrive.

Marketing: As part of marketing dDrive to the wider public, Participants will be asked for a constructive quote about the benefits or potential of dDrive that can be published as part of dDrive marketing material.

Bounty Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Program Bounty, Participants must have been accepted to the Program, have joined the "Diode dDrive Alpha Program" Telegram channel, have responded to each survey sent, have actively used the dDrive application during the course of the Program, and have kept current with updated dDrive alpha application releases.

Participants who receive a bounty will also receive a free perpetual license to the "Nomad" dDrive plan for up to three free drives.

Disclaimer: Participants should be aware that the dDrive application is in a "alpha" stage and may contain bugs and may lack features / finish. During the course of the Program multiple successive installations of the dDrive alpha application may be required, and the computer on which it is installed may need to be rebooted, or otherwise managed, to return the dDrive application to a working state. Files managed with the dDrive alpha application should be backed up. Because dDrive shares files between Peers, files the Peer adds will be synchronized with other Peers, including the drive Owner - Diode takes no responsibility for shared files.

No Liability, No Warranty: Diode makes no warranty of any kind of the dDrive alpha application or of the Program. Participants agree to indemnify Diode from their Peers, and not to hold Diode liable for any loss of files, productivity, or other mishap that may result from participation in the Program.


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